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25% - 35% of all body heat and water loss happens through the lungs, and that we breathe approximately 1000 times or more every hour? This might not seem like a big deal, but for those in a hostile winter environment, an understanding of this can mean the difference between life and death.

In normal winter conditions - approximately 14 degrees Fahrenheit - the human body loses approximately 26 Kcal of energy per hour through respiration alone. The human body can easily lose 0.5 kg of pure body fat per day, and up to 600ml of precious water through unprotected respiration in these conditions.  This energy and water loss translates to nearly an entire meal and two and a half cups of water every day!

All of these things combined translates to a very dangerous effects for someone who might be stranded or unprepared for the hostile winter environment. Orindi Ventures was created to address the concerns of the extreme winter adventurer and provide products that work with the body to help you survive longer.



Orindi’s first product is a low profile mask that conveniently fits underneath your favorite neck gaiter or balaclava called the Altaire. It conserves energy by warming and humidifying the air you breathe before it hits your lungs. This highly durable product is perfect for those who trek into the winter wilderness for days at a time.  Along with providing calorie-saving comfort, our system could provide the extra hours needed to be rescued if stranded.


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Our first product is an assisted breathing mask called Altaire. This minimal accessory combines proprietary alloys with specialized fabric to give users a superior experience in heat and fluid retention. As a low profile mask, Altaire fits comfortably with numerous types of balaclavas and other outdoor accessories, providing customized solutions for a variety of survival situations.

We are excited to breath life into this product! If you are interested  in more information or getting involved, feel free to send us an email so we can get in touch.



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Orindi Ventures develops and produces outerwear accessories for the extreme adventurer.  By combining cutting edge technology with an enthusiasm for rugged outdoorsmanship, we provide solutions that exceed the expectations of our consumers.